1245 Lyell Ave., Rochester, NY 14606
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email: gregthesaladman@aol.com

Family Owned & Operated Catering to the Rochester Area for Over 49 Years

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The Wilshire restaurant has been family owned and operated by the Putrone family (our real name) at our Lyell Avenue address since 1960. With the increasing demand for Wilshire's home cooking all over the region, the catering business was established. As our catering business spread our reputation further, the demand for our prepared salads became overwhelming, and The Salad Man was created

All three businesses are kept under one roof in order to efficiently meet all of our customer's diverse needs. We have so many customers that Joe, Greg, Sally and Annie Jo have trained a full service professional staff to serve you better.

The Wilshire Restaurant serves breakfast and lunch Monday thru Thursday from 9:00am-3:00pm. Every Friday we are open from 9:00am-8:00pm, serving dinners and fish fries. Drop in anytime, no reservations required.

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The Salad Man offers great homemade salads at wholesale prices. Call the Salad Department at 254-5765 to learn about our 16 cold salad options. All salads are available in bulk, in any size.

Wilshire Catering's professional staff is ready to go seven days-a-week anytime, anyplace - Whether you need a full-service dinner, a cook-out, a buffet, or just great food delivered; we can personally assist you with your special occasion. Call Joe, Greg, Sally or Annie Jo for advice when you plan your next catered event.

AND REMEMBER: When someone says they are almost as good as Wilshire, don't settle for almost, call the most experienced full service professional caterers in Rochester.


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